4 Year Old Program


Tuesday    8:15 - 3:45


Thursday    8:15 - 3:45



4 Year Old Program

Monday    8:30 - 1:30


Wednesday    8:30 - 1:30


Friday    8:30 - 1:30

Orange  GROUP

4 Year Old Program

Monday    9:00 - 2:00


Wednesday    9:00 - 2:00


Friday    9:00 - 2:00


Yellow  GROUP

3 Year Old Program


Tuesday    9:00 - 12:00


Thursday   1:15 - 4:15


Green  GROUP

3 Year Old Program


Tuesday    1:15 - 4:15


Thursday  9:00 - 12:00




Enrolment in our programs is handled by Bethany Kindergarten Services (“BKS”). Children are entitled to attend one year of a subsidised Kindergarten program prior to school entry.

Applications for BKS Kindergartens are accepted from the 1 st of February in the year your child turns 2. For example, If you were applying for the 2018 Kindergarten program, you could apply from February 1 2016.

Children are eligible for the Kindergarten program if they are 4 years of age prior to 30th April. Children whose birthday is between January and April of the kindergarten year are encouraged to consider enrolling their child in the following year.

Children are eligible for the Pre-Kinder program if they turn 3 before the 30th April in the year of attendance. For the 3 year old program, children cannot attend kindergarten until the day they turn 3 years of age.

Families are encouraged to apply for Kindergarten early to ensure your first choice of centre is received. Additionally if you are only interested in your child attending one BKS Kindergarten there is no need to fill in the second and third choice fields unless you are open to attending these Kindergartens.

When an application is received by the BKS for both the three and four year old Kindergarten, the date of application is recorded and considered during the allocation of the three year old places for the year of attendance. The same application is then entered into the database for the four year old program the following year and if the enrolment registration is received prior to the date applications are accepted for that year, will receive the earliest possible application date.

Should you have any further queries about our Kindergarten program, preparing your child for kinder, or wish to take a tour of our Centre please use the “Contact us” page.

For any other BKS enrolment enquiries or to enrol your child please call the BKS on 03 5273 0200 or click on the link below for an enrolment form.

The completed enrolment registration form must be returned to the BKS together with a copy of your child’s birth certificate, passport or a statutory declaration stating their date of birth and a $25 administration fee to register your child for kindergarten.



Our Kindergarten encourages parents to get involved in the Kindergarten program. Attending the Kindergarten session is a wonderful way of finding out about the current interests of the group and observing your child in their surroundings helps you to see their own progress too. The Kindergarten experience for children is also enriched by the parent helpers within the classes.

We value close relationships and communication with our parents. The educators are friendly and approachable and welcome the opportunity to discuss your child’s development, either informally or with one-on- one discussions at a mutually agreed time.

Other ways to get involved in the Kindergarten community is by helping with fundraising activities, joining in with incursions or working bees and attending social functions. We look forward to getting to know all our parents and support and encourage everyone to get involved wherever possible.



Fyans Park Kindergarten has been providing high quality kindergarten services for more than 50 years. Following a $1.2 million redevelopment in 2016, the centre boasts contemporary facilities catering for children across both the Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten programs.

The Kindergarten provides a stimulating and open environment for both indoor and outdoor play that enables the children to explore and engage in play with interest and curiosity.

Indoor Space

Fyans Park Kindergarten provides two spacious rooms fully equipped to meet the needs of the extra groups and session times that have been added to the Kindergartens timetable. The Wallaby Room was the original room of the kindergarten which underwent an extensive renovation in 2016. The new Possum room was created as part the re-development in 2016. Both rooms provide modern and spacious facilities catering up to 33 children in each room. Each provides a variety of activity zones which change regularly, depending on the program or theme at the time. This allows the children to work and play either independently or in groups as well as keeping the children engaged and allowing them to explore different themes of play.

The Centre boasts a range of materials and educational toys to help present learning opportunities and allows children to explore, create, build and engage in imaginative play. Both rooms provide an open space with lots of natural light for a friendly and engaging learning environment and allow an opportunity to share stories, be creative, play games, do jigsaws, paint, paste and playdough together.

Outdoor Space

At Fyans Park Kindergarten, we make the most of our secured, inviting and natural outdoor setting as much as our indoor space. We have tall trees to provide shade in our large, well-equipped outdoor play area. Your children can explore and play in our facilities which includes a boat, sand pit, tyre swings, climbing frames, cubby house, blocks, sensory garden plus a water tank and mud patch dedicated to water play as well as undercover areas.

Our kindergarten follows the Sunsmart Policy which means the wearing of sun hats that protect their face, neck and ears and sunscreen is mandatory from the start of September to the end of April. The children are also required to wear sun safe clothing (for example no tank/singlet tops or shoestring dresses).

As with the indoor toys, the outdoor toys are rotated to provide the children with a learning environment for creative, active and quiet play and opportunities to explore, climb, learn and create.


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