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Welcome to Fyans Park Kindergarten, where we believe children learn best when they engage in aplay based program that supports all areas of learning. Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and caring surroundings that fosters the development of each child as they discover and grow.

Kindergarten is a special first stage of your child’s education. We hope you enjoy seeing your child’s knowledge and world expand. Each family and child is valued and respected. We want children to have fun and we look forward to sharing our Kindergarten programs with you.

Fyans Park Kindergarten is a member of Bethany Kindergarten Services.

National Quality Standards
Our Philosophy

At Fyans Park Kindergarten we encourage children and families to be involved in our centre to enable and develop a sense of belonging, feel connected and valued and be part of the Kindergarten community. We create a welcoming and safe environment where children are encouraged to participate in and contribute to their own learning. The program is responsive to each child’s needs, interests, strengths and culture.

We acknowledge that parents are a child’s first educators and we believe that early childhood educators and parents should work together. Families are encouraged to be involved in our centre and share their skills, knowledge and interests. The connection between the family and the Kindergarten is very important at Fyans Park Kindergarten and children’s learning is a progressive journey and we acknowledge the process rather than the end product.


Our aim is that every child has an opportunity for success. We value the capabilities, strengths and needs of every child and their family. We collaborate, share information and plan with other professionals to ensure a holistic approach to children’s learning and development. We value the uniqueness of each child and respect their rights.

Play is an essential part of our program and we recognise that learning is an active process that must involve children’s engagement. We value the indoor and outdoor learning environment equally. We believe in supporting the children to respect the value nature and promote sustainability and a sense of ‘wonder’ for our environment.

Our program encompasses an integrated approach to teaching and learning. The learning environment is a welcoming space that reflects the needs, interests and abilities of each child.  Children are encouraged to explore and problem solve and educators build on children’s existing knowledge and skills to enhance learning. This is achieved through a balance of child directed play and intentional teaching.

We gather and analyse information from a wide range of sources to help us assess and plan effectively. This enables us as educators to provide the best possible advice and guidance for children and families. Reflection forms a large part of the teaching and learning cycle.


We keep abreast of changes in the early childhood field so that our practice is current and relevant to ensure that the learning for each child is effective. We endeavour to ensure that our practices and programs are ongoing, reflective, of high quality and meet the needs of the children, their families, The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, The National Framework (Belonging, Being and Becoming) and The National Quality Framework and Standards.

We value this family connection and aim for children’s learning to be a progressive journey, most importantly we want everyone, every year to have FUN!

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Pre-Kinder Program Overview

Our Pre-Kinder program consists of 6 hours per week over two sessions of 3 hours. It offers an introduction to the Kindergarten experience for children and the Kindergarten’s aim is to encourage children to explore their environment and learn through hands-on experience and develop their confidence to promote creativity, imagination, and teamwork.

Our goal is to assist as they develop their sense of responsibility, independence and confidence, preparing them for a smooth transition to longer kindergarten sessions the following year.

Kindergarten Program Overview

Our Kindergarten program consists of 15 hours per week either over two sessions of 7.5 hours or three sessions of 5 hours.

Our play-based curriculum incorporates play and learning in a stimulating environment and provides opportunities for children to create, experiment, discover, explore, investigate, express ideas, and solve problems with the support of their educators.

We want to instil a sense of worth and assurance in every child, preparing them for a smooth transition to school life and beyond.

The Kindergarten provides various incursions throughout the year encompassing sport, music and animals/wildlife themes.

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Our Committee

The Kindergarten is assisted by a Committee of Management made up of volunteer parents who are elected to various roles each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee helps the educators with certain areas of the day to day operations of the Kindergarten and also works to ensure that our Centre provides a quality service, not only for our children, but for those who attend in the future as well.

Monthly meetings are held to discuss the progress on the kindergarten programs as well as discuss any concerns, proposed changes or new ideas and to make decisions on spending priorities. Joining the committee is a great way for the community to get involved in the shaping of our Kindergarten and to make new friends. Parents are most welcome and are encouraged to join the Committee.

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